Axle Weighbridge Versions

Tri-axle Weighbridge & Single Axle Weighbridge

Why choose an axle weigher?
Axle weighing is a great option for vehicle weighing where space or access is limited.
With easy installation and a low cost foundation requirement, the scale can be installed by yourselves to a simple drawing. Alternatively, our team of in-house civil engineers can do the project for you.
The axle weigher has the added bonus of listing each axle weight, along with the vehicle total weight. Ensuring that no vehicle can leave site unevenly loaded or over weight.
Any version of our Weighbridge weighing solutions can be linked to a number of peripherals, from traffic barriers to ANPR cameras.


Specification & Operation 
Dynamic weighing operation with axle and total weights displayed on screen.
1. (1) The Vehicle drives slowly over the axle weigher.
2. (2) The weight terminal records the weight data.
3. (3) The Weight terminal Automatically prints the weight ticket, axles weights and vehicle gross weight


  • Dynamic (in-motion) or Static Weighing
  • 3m x 0.6m-5m Heavy Duty Axle/Tai-Axle Weighbridge (custom sizes available)
  • 20,000kg & 40,000kg axle load
  • Heavy Duty
  • Axle scale is fitted inside the supplied steel pit frame
  • Automatic operation
  • OIML Trade approval
  • Easy install
  • Easy removal for easy cleaning
  • Custom sizes, and width and any Length
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Turnkey Project