Drive Through Portable Weighbridge

Portable Weighbridge

Portable WeighbridgeDrive Through Portable Weighbridge

Our Heavy duty Steel portable weighbridges are possibly one of the strongest Weighbridges on the market.

Two large steel beams provide the majority strength for the portable weighbridge. They also act as guides for the vehicles wheels, removing the cost of repairing flimsy side rails. By using two beams as opposed to multiple, any possible weak points are eliminated from the weighbridge.

Portable WeighbridgeOur portable weighbridges have integrated ramps giving a low profile and an extremely short overhaul length. A 15m weighbridge is extended by only 3m once both ramps have been added, Thus maximising yard space and reducing the overall length to only 18m, including both ramps.

The bridge has a standard ground clearance of 100mm, which can be increased if necessary.

All our weighbridges are customised and come in a variety of sizes. Our fabrication team can adjust the bridge features to meet almost any requirement, be for site or weighing capacity.

Our weighbridge decks have a 10mm deck plate thickness, minimising wear to load bearing cross members, thus extending the weighbridges working life span and reducing the necessity of repairs.

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