Heavy Duty Weighbridge

Perfect for heavy traffic sites


Our Heavy Duty Weighbridges are possibly one of the best value weighbridges available on the market. Here's why we think so:

  • Manufactured to a length of 16m as standard making sure all UK vehicles fit easily onto the deck.
  • Utilises two large steel side beams to increase structural support across the whole weighbridge deck.
  • The large steel side beams replace the standard, tube-type wheel guides, safeguarding against damage by vehicle wheels upon collision.
  • 10mm Deck plate is used meaning less wear and tare, fatigue and damage to the weighbridge deck construction, one of the the main causes of expensive repairs.
  • Integrated 1.5m ramps mean less footprint than a standard weighbridge deck. A standard 16m weighbridge with steel ramps requires a minimum area of approximately 26m x 4m, our Heavy Duty requires only a minimum of approximately 21m x 4m. Extremely beneficial for sites that don't have a large amount of room.
  • 100mm clearance is achieved under the weighbridge structure to allow cleaning, maintenance and removal of any debris from beneath the deck.
  • A portable 2 piece design allows for movement to a new location with the minimum fuss and cost, should the need arise.
  • The Load cells, the part of the weighbridge that calculates the weight, are built on the outside of the deck making them easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The Load cells use a steel ball bearing design which is more stable than conventional load cells and makes them extremely robust and hard wearing.
  • All parts and electronics are open market so readily available and can be priced competitively over other 'tied-in' manufacturers products. 

All our weighbridges are built in the UK to order and can be customised in a variety of sizes and colours. Our UK fabrication team can adjust the bridge features to meet almost any requirement. Tailored specification can be quoted easily and competitively.

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