Tamtron POWER Wheel Loader Scale

Tamtron Power Wheel Loader Scale






The POWER wheel loader scale utilises a multi-sensor weighing system, weight samples are achieved at multiple points on the lifting, moving and loading of materials.

A combination of Pressure sensors on the hydraulic hoses and magnetic switch sensors on the boom itself give highly accurate weight results even when lifting on inclines, declines and uneven terrains.

The POWER touchscreen weight display includes the option of calibrating the device for up to 8 different loading tools, perfect for sites that use more than 1 bucket or scoop to load materials.

If your wheel loader utilises a tablet device for driver interaction you can install the POWER PC software which replaces the need for the POWER display in the cab. This allows one screen in the cab to show all the information required for the operator to view.


 Each system comes complete with all in-cab mounting brackets, cables,  sensors, POWER Display unit, slip ticket printer and USB memory stick where USB option is requested.



POWER Wheel Loader Touchscreen Display

The POWER touchscreen weight display is situated in the cab for driver use and can be used in 3 different weighing modes:

  • BASIC WEIGHING - Allows the user to accumulate a single load weight from multiple lifts of one material.
  • MEMO MODE - Allows the user to enter up to 12 memos (depending on model of POWER weight display) to be added to the transaction i.e. customer name, vehicle registrations, suppliers, materials etc. All memos are tailorable to the customers needs. MEMO mode also allows the totalisation of a load split between a truck and a trailer where required.
  • STORAGE MODE - Includes MEMO mode as above but the STORAGE mode allows for lifting and loading of multiple materials during the same transaction. This is particularly useful if the user has to stop loading and is required to move more material or additional materials to the loading bays.


For more information on the available models of the Material Handler POWER Display Units please  click here.



WNEXUS - The Future of Weighing Transaction Storage

If you purchase the Wheel Loader Scales with the POWER Display 300i/300ui or POWER PC software you can combine the system with the amazing WNexus cloud-based data storage system.

For more information on WNEXUS Click Here