Tamtron WNexus

Tamtron WNexus Cloud-based data management software


WNEXUS - The Future of Weighing Software


If you purchase the Wheel Loader or Material Handler Scales with the POWER Display 300i/300ui or POWER PC software you can combine the system with the amazing WNexus cloud-based data storage system. WNexus allows you to view each individual POWER Display that you have registered to your machines and allows reporting and ticket generation based on real-time weighing data directly transferred from the operator to any web browser or mobile device via the App. 


What is WNexus?

 WNexus is the innovative cloud-based software that allows synchronisation of all of your POWER Display Units onto one user friendly interface. Reports, weighing information, weigh tickets and user/operator details are instantly available from any location around the world and can be accessed by computer (via all standard, built in web browsers) or mobile devices via the WNexus App.


For sites that use order systems, WNexus offers an amazing, fluid process that can speed up material loading and invoicing times all without the operator having to leave the cab. 





How it works:

  • Enter the details of the order into the POWER Display in WNexus
  • Send to the POWER Display in the operators cab
  • The operator is alerted there is a new order
  • They select the order form the menu on the screen in the cab
  • It automatically populates the Memos and weight data required
  • The operator loads the material
  • Completes the transaction on the screen
  • Automatically synced, instantly, back to WNexus on your screen 




Because WNexus allows instant data access for any transactions taken,  invoicing and stock adjustments for materials can be done before the wagon has even left site. WNexus is cloud-based so there is no onsite storage required and it eliminates the possible loss of paperwork or crucial information relating to each transaction. It includes safe, online security giving you peace of mind that your information will not be shared, stolen or lost due to internal data failures or damage to equipment.