Weighbridge Products and Services

Overview of Products & Services

Weighbridge Products

Drive Through, Pit Mounted, Portable, Steel Weighbridge

Weighbridge Options

Unmanned Systems - to fit any bridge or cell. Adaptable to pit and sunken weighbridges, as well as surface mounted weighbridges of any height.

Walkways/Hand rail - repairs or remakes, to any height, length and material thickness and specification.

Vehicle access - ramps to meet any height requirement, and bridge type.

T-Rubber and Weighbridge stops.

Weighbridge Services

At Weighbridge Services, we offer the following:

  • On site Repairs - structural, mechanical and load cell system repairs
  • Calibration/Verification and testing
  • Weighbridge Test Unit Hire
  • Servicing for all types of Weighbridge and weighing systems
  • Maintenance - structural and mechanical
  • Support - technical, on site system repairs, to both load cells and computers at any time
  • Conversion services - for all types and makes of weighbridges, both sunken/pit or surface.