WS-300 Wireless Axle Pads

  • Heavy Duty
  • Wireless axle weigher
  • Static or dynamic weighing
  • Touchscreen weight display
  • Individual wheel loads displayed and printed
  • Built in USB data output recording
  • 4GB of internal data storage
  • 20,000kg capacity (10,000kg per wheel)
  • IP68 rating
  • 100% overload safety factor
  • Multiple axle pads can be added to
  • Long rubber ramps grip the scales securely to the ground
  • 800mm x 450mm Weighing area, capable of double wheel vehicles



Why axle pads?
A portable axle weigher is a quick and easy way to ensure a vehicle is correctly loaded.
Weighbridges can provide accurate vehicle weighing, but they don’t have the portability of axle pads - which can be taken anywhere, and used in any area of your business premises accessible enough for the vehicles you need to weigh.
Plus axle pads are, in comparison, an inexpensive way to ensure your vehicles are not overloaded, meaning you stay within the law, maximise fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear, for an economical price.


Why the WS-300?
The WS-300 Axle Weigher consists of two wireless, waterproof axle pads, a multi-functional indicator in a protective case and two pad carry cases.
A multi-functional indicator provides all the data you need - with a built-in printer and USB/ RS232 ports allowing you to transfer and store vehicle weights plus vehicle and driver information, weighing date and time, and - if the vehicle is moving - the speed in which it was travelling when weighed. Thousands of records can be stored on the 4BG hard drive.
Two axle pads are supplied with rubber ramps - and up to eight pads can be connected wirelessly to the indicator.
A durable, portable solution with a competitive price tag, the WS-300 means your vehicles stay legal - and you can reduce wear and tear on tyres, steering and braking.

What’s included 
Two waterproof axle pads
Two rubber ramps per axle pad
Carry case-housed wireless indicator

Product specification
Capacity: 20,000kg (per axle); 10,000kg (per pad) Graduations: 10kg
Pad Dimensions: 800mm x 450mm x 35mm

It’s easy to use
The WS-300’s indicator is touch-screen, making it quicker and easier to use.
Wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery and a 30 metre working distance between pads and indicator mean ultimate flexibility: you’re not restricted by where the nearest plug socket is, and there are no wires to risk splitting.
A vehicle’s weight can either be taken in motion or stationary, with the indicator displaying two readings per axle, left and right, so you can ensure each vehicle is evenly loaded, too.
As a vehicle passes over the pads, the weight readings will be displayed, with a reading for left and right. Once the final axle has passed over the pads, a total vehicle weight will be given as well as readings for each axle.
With the ability to include driver and registration number details in the data reading, weight reports can be tied up to the correct vehicle.

You can get the most from your vehicles

The pads and indicator can be stowed in the back of a larger vehicle if weighing is required at its destination.
Left and right readings for each axle helps to avoid uneven loading, which can also place strain on your vehicle.
Weighing vehicles in motion means weighing time is reduced - so your vehicles can get out there and earn you money in no time!




You can take your WS-300 anywhere 
The WS-300 is waterproof - and with IP68 rated casing, you can use it outside in all conditions.
A rechargeable battery with 40 hours’ battery life means the WS-300 can stay on the road with your vehicles, or be used all week before a recharge is required.
For extra portability, the indicator is housed in military-grade casing, making it unbelievably tough, and boasts a carry handle.
The two axle pads are rubber ramps all have carry handles, with integrated wheels on the pads themselves for ease of movement into position. Carry cases provide extra protection for the pads and are an ideal place to store them between uses.