WSAX Axle Weighbridge

Axle Weighing made easy



Axle weighing is a great option for vehicle weighing where space or access on site is limited. With a simple design, easy installation and a low cost foundation requirement the WSAX Axle Weighbridge is perfect for sites weighing small wheel base vehicles or sites that simply can't take a full sized weighbridge.

Our turnkey installation packages include full installation of foundations, pit surrounds and the scale meaning less time shopping around for prices. The WSAX comes complete with the required pit frame to make installation easy and simple.

The WSAX provides options for static or dynamic (in motion) weighing. The dynamic system can be Trade Approved at 20t per axle and each installation can be tailored to suit internal operation or external driver operated systems. The WSAX can be linked to a number of peripherals including traffic barriers, traffic lights, RFID tag readers, ANPR cameras and more.



  • Platform size: 700mm x 3,000mm. Depth can be made to suit application.
  • 20,000kg x 5kg Capacity 
  • Pit frame supplied as standard. 
  • Static or Dynamic mode built in as standard
  • Internal weight display and ticket printer as standard. External driver terminal is available
  • 0.1% accuracy in Static mode
  • 0.2% accuracy in Dynamic mod
  • Can be painted to a colour of your choice upon request 
  • Automatic operation on request
  • OIML Trade approval
  • Easy removal for easy cleaning
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Turnkey Project availability


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